Construction site..... 


Artist, painter and decorator for 25 years, I design and create unique decorations assignments. Your project will be overseen from drawing board conception to its final completion.


Trained in set and stage design, I can create, in your own home, in embossed or trompe l'oeil design, imitation stones, beams, marbles and wrought iron pieces, mural frescoes (luminescent if desired), panoramic views, interior and exteriors decors. Painted furniture, old fashioned patinas with Roussillon pigments can be executed using exclusive and patented methods created by me with the Company L.System.


I shall work with you in advising and guiding you in the choise of the design that will showcase your project.



My cost estimates are rapid, my work is meticulous, your work site will be protected and the project delivered on time. 


I can also make a custom study in 3D, scaled and dimensioned, with sketches and drawings. The coast of this study is deductible from the price of awarded contracts.


My work addresses individuals, professionals and local communities.


I intervene mainly in the PACA-Corsica region, but also in the other departments and abroad. 



Do you have an interior or exterior decoration project ? Would you like lime-washed or bronzed walls, false beams, old fashioned metal hinge and gates, Greek or Roman columns, imitation stone and marble ?


Or perhaps a forest of embossed bamboos, trompe-l'oeil, landscapes or a fresco mural ? Why not a luminescent embossed fresco which will illuminate your interior at night ?


With my experience, I can create and realize all your wishes, adhering to professional standarts and practices. The only limit being of the imagination. Need ideas ? Do not hesitate to look to my achievements.